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Children's groups | Pohádkov Praha 3


The price for the nursery for children aged 1-3.5 years is valid until 31.12.2022:
Nursery School Fee:

9900 Kč/month

5 days a week (full day)

8000 Kč/month

5 days a week (morning visit)

8000 Kč/month

4 days a week (full day)

7000 Kč/month

4 days a week (morning visit)

6000 Kč/month

3 days a week (full day)

5000 Kč/month

3 days a week (morning visit)

700 Kč/day

one time 1 day

160 Kč/hour

by the hour

Tuition is the amount that covers the cost of placing a child in a playgroup, morning classes, and an educational program for children. The tuition fee is not refundable in case of student absence.

Meals – paid separately by the 10th of the month. Full day attendance 100 CZK/day (lunch, snacks and drinks).

Individual meals can be ordered for special diets.

For brothers and sisters we offer a 30% discount on tuition.

С 1.9. 2023, the Pohádkov group will be partially financed from the state budget and the fixed fee for parents will be only CZK 4000 per month, with no difference in the number of days of attendance.


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